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Elevator Maintenance


In recent years,elevator common occurrence, people became a hot topic. Elevator is a large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment for the long-term safe operation of the elevator, to prevent accidents, the user should be provided with professionals need to conduct regular performance elevator inspection, maintenance and monitoring of safety management to ensure safe operation of the lift.

(A) General requirements

1.the maintenance personnel should work before the start of each day to prepare for the elevator of the test, and mechanical and electrical equipment within the room to conduct an inspection check.

2.elevator elevator maintenance personnel should do regular maintenance work regularly, depending on checking, checking into a weekly, quarterly and annual inspection to check three.

(1) weekly inspections
The main mechanism to check the elevator, spare parts and equipment operation reliability, the correctness of the work, and make the necessary repairs and lubrication.

(2) quarterly review
Important general mechanical and electrical equipment were more detailed inspection, adjustment repair.

(3) the annual inspection
A year to conduct a comprehensive technical inspection, detailed inspection of all mechanical lifts, electrical safety performance of the equipment, the main components of the degree of wear and repair, replacement of worn amount exceeds the allowable value and the damaged parts, and lift performance to do a comprehensive an examination.

3.elevator maintenance, refueling and maintenance after commissioning shall passenger loading, and deactivate the maintenance standard suspension knowledge.

4.the elevator during repair, inspection and cleaning work, disconnect the power supply due to the engine room, to ensure safety.

5.elevator maintenance, inspection, repair line lights must be used at safe voltage of 36 volts, the use of units can be installed in the engine room, wells, pits, the car or the car bottom low pressure outlet.

6.electrical equipment should maintain good safety ground or safety ground zero. Grounding resistance by less than 4 ohms.

7. electrical equipment due to good insulation, the total line insulation resistance is generally not less than 1000 ohms per volt.

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